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  Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Bill Ritter (via The Cherry Creek News): "This is a time of great promise for Colorado. Our unique home-grown blend of wind, solar and agricultural energy supplies offer Colorado an unprecedented opportunity to create jobs, protect the environment and decrease our dependence on foreign oil. As Governor, I will establish Colorado's 21st century New Energy Economy through strong leadership, responsible investment and a clear vision for the future."

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Marc Holtzman thinks an investigation into Dick Leggit's admission of lying is unnecessary, according to the Denver Post. From the article, "Republican gubernatorial hopeful Marc Holtzman said Monday he would look into his campaign manager's admission that he lied to the media but said an outside investigation was unnecessary. 'I want to know the facts,' Holtzman told The Associated Press. 'If what was reported is true, it raises serious concerns.' His top adviser, Dick Leggitt, testified under oath Friday that he made up poll results he gave to a Denver Post reporter last year. The paper referred to Leggitt and those numbers in an article last year. Leggitt has said he lied because he suspected the reporter was forwarding his e-mails to Holtzman's opponent, U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez. Holtzman, who did not return multiple phone calls from the Post, is defending himself against claims that he broke campaign laws by using the If C Wins, You Lose committee as a shadow gubernatorial campaign. The administrative law hearing of that complaint continues today."

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