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  Thursday, May 4, 2006

Mt. Virtus: "Buckets of mud ... and so early."

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Rocky Mountain News: "A top aide to gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman admitted on the witness stand Tuesday that she told Holtzman staffers they should work on behalf of an issue committee that stands accused of illegally coordinating its activities with the campaign. Laura Teal, political director for the Holtzman campaign, said she had defied her own campaign manager and told employees they should work closely with If C Wins, You Lose, an issue committee that ran TV ads opposing Referendum C last fall. Under Colorado campaign finance law, political candidates are not supposed to be directly involved with issue committees. 'I instructed my staff to help out Andy George,' Teal said. George was one of two employees of the If C Wins, You Lose committee. The trial was prompted by allegations that the Holtzman campaign illegally created the If C Wins, You Lose committee to promote Holtzman's candidacy. The charges were brought by veteran lobbyist Steve Durham, a supporter of Holtzman's Republican rival for the gubernatorial nomination, Congressman Bob Beauprez."

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Domestic partnerships are one step closer to the fall ballot, according to the Denver Post. From the article, "Colorado voters would decide whether the state should recognize same-sex domestic partnerships, under a bill that was initially approved by the state Senate on Wednesday. House Bill 1344 faces a final vote in the Senate, perhaps as soon as today. The bill would refer the issue to voters, who would decide in November whether the state should allow same-sex couples to register domestic partnerships. As domestic partners, a same-sex couple would have some of the same benefits as a married couple: They would get survivor benefits, they could make medical decisions for their partner, and they could jointly adopt a child. Opponents of the measure said it is a back-door way for the state to bless gay marriage...

"The bill, which the House approved 38-27 in March, was amended Wednesday to make clear that same-sex partners in Colorado could not file a joint tax return. That's because the state's income-tax system is closely tied to federal tax returns and the U.S. government does not recognize same-sex partnerships. The amendment will send the bill back to the House if the Senate approves it in a final vote."

Here's the coverage from the Rocky Mountain News. They write, "The bill's sponsor, Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald, disputed assertions that the measure sanctions gay marriage, contending the bill is about simple 'equality and fairness.' HB 1344, co-sponsored by Rep. Tom Plant, D-Nederland, would allow domestic partnerships to be registered in the state and would extend certain benefits, protections and responsibilities to same-sex couples. That would include the right to inherit property from a partner, family leave benefits, medical decision- making and others."

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