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  Sunday, June 4, 2006

Here's an opinion piece from today's Denver Post proposing a theological analysis of the gay marriage issue. From the article, "Fundamentalists argue from a few biblical texts, cited as ultimate proof that their views are the only possible Christian answers. Those of us who are not fundamentalists have a hard time with that. We know that even the most committed biblical literalists don't swallow everything the Bible has to say - such as that various categories of people should be stoned to death for offenses that are not even crimes in contemporary society. But does the theological debate stop there? Once we have decided against fundamentalism, are there no more theological points to be made? Can there be such a thing as a Christian conception of marriage? And if so, what might it have to say about homosexual marriage?[...]

"So what does the state have to do with this theologically based conception of marriage? More than you might think. The state has a distinct interest in the preservation of the family as the most basic unit of society and of marriage as the commitment upon which the family is founded. I don't believe the state should outlaw promiscuity, but society has a real stake in the deeper monogamous commitments. The great irony in the debate is that the opponents of gay or lesbian marriage would just as soon have all homosexuals be promiscuous. To them, there is little or no moral difference between monogamous homosexual unions and homosexual promiscuity. I think that attitude is outrageous. The ultimate issue, thus, is whether society is prepared to acknowledge the moral dignity of committed gay and lesbian unions. I am not sure it matters much whether this is defined as 'marriage,' except for this point: The word 'marriage' itself conveys a degree of moral respect for such unions. Large numbers of gay and lesbian couples want and deserve that respect."

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Here's some background on Marc Holtzman from the Denver Post. From the article, "Holtzman's is an extraordinary drive that has propelled him from positions as the self- described mascot of the Reagan revolution to big-dollar D.C. lobbyist to Eastern European investment banker to Colorado's technology czar and then to the first-ever presidency of the University of Denver. Now, at age 46, the self-styled insider is running as a Republican outsider, a conservative underdog who has never served in elected office and whose Rolodex ultimately may matter far less than his record. A review of Holtzman's career shows occasions of over- reaching and, many say, under- delivering that have estranged him from not only Owens but also others who could have eased his way into office. Many colleagues were irked by his failure to meet promises at the statehouse. And at DU, one trustee rated him '5 out of 10 as an executive.'"

Take the time to read the whole article, in case Mr. Holtzman makes the primary ballot.

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