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Monday, November 1, 2004

[Kerry/Edwards graphic stolen from Dave Winer's site]

On tonight's Frontline, Martin Smith and Nicholas Lemann have put together a critical and two sided examination of the lives of John Kerry and George Bush. As old as it has gotten, they talk about their conduct during and after the Vietnam war. While President Bush's issues are well known, much doubt and misinformation has surrounded Kerry's service.

The record clearly shows that the Senator was a hero in battle, while questioning the fundamental rightness of the war. He was an honorable soldier though, and waited until after his discharge to join and rise to a leadership role in the Vietnam Vetrans Against the War. But it was Kerry's cross-party alliance with John McCain to finish the nations ongoing pain of the Vietnam war that settled, once and for all, the question of the POWs and MIAs. By coming to terms with the realities at the time, these two courageous soldiers - now senators, repaired our national soul for our role in that optional war. What his opponents now call 'flip-flop' I consider the ability to change one's actions with changing reality.

It is those abilities, able to work with members of the opposite party, able to move in a changing world for a greater good, and able to see the difference between right and wrong, that I believe that John Kerry will make a great president of the United States. I believe he may be able to get our tail out of the Middle East wringer.

Good luck tomorrow, America!



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