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Saturday, November 6, 2004
Dave Winer's MCN wonders about what the new Bush administration is going to do:
"2. He's going to reform the tax system, which means that most of the people who voted for Bush are going to pay more taxes, and the top one percent that Kerry kept talking about will get another tax cut. (BTW, this is no longer speculation, they're already talking about it.)

3. He's also going to reform Social Security. Were you planning on having some of that money for your retirement? I wouldn't be so sure.

Now, I'm not saying #2 and #3 are bad things, maybe they're good."

Ok then, I'll say it. #2 and #3 are bad things. Last year after the 'tax "cut"' my taxes increased 0.8% based on a 1.5% income increase. Since a large portion of my income is allotted to energy costs (which have skyrocketed) my real take home pay has been severly diminished.

I simply can't afford to give network newscasters, ball players, land barrons, 38% of all attorneys, and most movie stars and chief executives a raise next year. Sorry guys, "love your work" but you're gonna just have to make do on the quarter million and up y'all are takin' home, K?

As for #3, then I want my $#!&*%@ money back.

Here's a picture that sums it up, called Get in Line, Hasenfeffer.

D100 with 24-120vr lens @ 45mm, f/5.6, ISO 1600, 1/80 sec.
Channel mixed curved, sharpened and tritoned.



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