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 Tuesday, May 21, 2002

I've been profiled in Mass High Tech. Unfortunately there are one to two major factual errors per paragraph, so that people who know the real story will wonder what the article is talking about. But, that's the nature of the mainstream press. Some would say, "that's why there are blogs."

One correction in particular, I didn't found Athenium, Chuck Dornbush did. But I was #3 aboard, and we made a successful product during my tenure as VP/Advanced Technology, and the company is cash-positive, so I'm quite pleased with the experience.
8:56:27 PM    

Eric Maynard: I can't tell you how exciting it is to be part of something as forward thinking as Emergent Music is.  These guys are extremely responsive to the community they serve.  Keep up the awesome work guys.

Thanks Eric. I appreciate it. We all do. Comments like that are a big part of what keeps us going! Just keep giving us your suggestions so we can keep on working to make the site better...
8:21:36 PM    

What's going on?? Matt says:

EM Top Scorer's List Gone!

Custom RSS Feeds from Emergent Music.
7:37:27 PM    

Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science discusses the universe as a manifestation of cellular automata. (That is, all the complexity of the Universe, according to Wolfram, is generated from very simple rules along lines similar to Conway's Game of Life.)

This review of ANKOS by Ray Kurzweil is a fascinating read in itself, and a lot shorter than ANKOS's 1,200 pages.
12:48:10 PM    

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