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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Dan Moniz reports:

Codemist Ltd. seems to have released their source code to Codemist Common Lisp and Codemist Standard Lisp. I haven't seen an official anouncement anywhere, but a .tgz and .zip package are both available. Furthermore, in discussion with Rainer Joswig on IRC (#lisp, irc.freenode.org) a few days back, it seemed that the open source release of the Axiom source code was soon approaching as well, which was based on Codemist's Lisps. They also sell a version of Reduce; both Axiom and Reduce are computer algebra systems. However, upon an admittedly cursory inspection of the code included in the CCL archive(s), it appears Axiom is all there! I'm not sure and I'm not authoritative, but it looks like it.

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