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Wednesday, March 12, 2003


"He who would speak the truth had best have one foot in the stirrup."
- - Bedhouin proverb

This Saturday, March 15, Protests & Strikes are scheduled again around the globe. Saturday is two days before the threatened I-Day. Tens of thousands of people will be holding an Emergency March on the White House & conducting solidarity "Stop the War" in cities worldwide. Workers in Italy are staging an anti-war General Strike. In Spain, Greece, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, the UK, and in Los Angeles, San Francisco and cities around the world people are coming together in Emergency Mass Action to stop the U.S./UK war against the people of Iraq. Bush & Blair have announced a March 17 deadline for war and demanded the international community's ratification. They're paving the path to war by racing to convince the world that war is inevitable and that they answer to no one except shrub & his puppeteers. But the warmakers can still be stopped & they know it. If it hadn't been for the worldwide uprising against the war, the carnage would have started months ago. Come out Saturday.


Red White & Blue,  Or Yellow... Journalism
Yellow journalism is the art of making a news service (paper, radio, TV, whatever) seem that it's giving its subscribers the truth, while purposely misguiding them with exaggeration & bias to achieve the political & more often financial  purposes of particular publishers, editors & their owners. Sound familiar?

As today's BOTTOM LINE column by Indian Country Today editor (& Rhino's Blog reader), Jose Barreiro, explains, the term yellow journalism was originally coined to describe the news coverage that helped promote the Spanish-American War of 1898. Rhino sings, "Same song, different verse. A bit more blatant & a whole lot worse."

Barreiro's column, "Yellow Journalism and The Red Road" is an intelligent & measured proposal for journalists to, "look beyond the immediate antagonist to the task of long-term survival, stability, success and growth for the nations, all the nations. How is it felt at the community level? This is the one for journalists to always keep in mind. In striving to know the truth it is of utmost importance to talk to the people, to see what the best and the brightest, the elder and the fresh faces are thinking."

Scroll down to THE BOTTOM LINE  to read his column.

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This Thursday night, the 2nd episode of Peter Coyote's new TV series,  "The Active Opposition" will be broadcast on WorldLink TV.  The promo says, "An exploration of recent developments in the buildup to war in Iraq. Hosted by Peter Coyote."  The first episode was top notch.  Here's the schedule of broadcasts:

Thu, Mar 13, 9:00 PM ET (Thu, Mar 13, 6:00 PM PT)
Fri, Mar 14, 3:00 AM ET (Fri, Mar 14, 12:00 AM PT)
Fri, Mar 14, 9:00 AM ET (Fri, Mar 14, 6:00 AM PT)

If you're not aware of WorldLink yet, you need to be. WorldLink TV...
...is the first nationwide television network providing Americans with global perspectives on news,events and culture. The programming consists of first run documentaries, foreign feature films, global news reports and eight hours of world music each day. Launched in 1999, the channel is available in over 17 million U.S. homes via basic service on the direct-to-home satellite services DIRECTV® (Channel 375) and DISH Network® (Channel 9410).

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What do  280 million people in 22 countries all over the Middle East watch on their TV's that we Americans don't get to see? Their news broadcasts.  We don't get to see them unless we have Direct TV or Dish so we can get WorldLInk's  "Mosaic" which  features selections from daily TV news programs produced by national broadcasters throughout the Middle East. Unedited & translated when necessary into English. Every time I catch  an episode of Mosaic, my jaw drops and stays dropped 'till it's over. Broadcast 4 times a day:

Wed, Mar 12, 1:30 AM ET (Tue, Mar 11, 10:30 PM PT)
Wed, Mar 12, 7:30 AM ET (Wed, Mar 12, 4:30 AM PT)
Wed, Mar 12, 11:30 AM ET (Wed, Mar 12, 8:30 AM PT)
Wed, Mar 12, 5:30 PM ET (Wed, Mar 12, 2:30 PM PT)
Thu, Mar 13, 1:30 AM ET (Wed, Mar 12, 10:30 PM PT)
Thu, Mar 13, 7:30 AM ET (Thu, Mar 13, 4:30 AM PT)
Thu, Mar 13, 11:30 AM ET (Thu, Mar 13, 8:30 AM PT)
Thu, Mar 13, 5:30 PM ET (Thu, Mar 13, 2:30 PM PT)
Fri, Mar 14, 1:30 AM ET (Thu, Mar 13, 10:30 PM PT)
Fri, Mar 14, 7:30 AM ET (Fri, Mar 14, 4:30 AM PT)
Fri, Mar 14, 11:30 AM ET (Fri, Mar 14, 8:30 AM PT)
Fri, Mar 14, 5:30 PM ET (Fri, Mar 14, 2:30 PM PT)
Sat, Mar 15, 1:30 AM ET (Fri, Mar 14, 10:30 PM PT)
Sat, Mar 15, 7:30 AM ET (Sat, Mar 15, 4:30 AM PT)

7:31:20 AM    comment

Currently premiering on WorldLink is John Pilger's powerful film, "Palestine is Still the Issue",  which documents the plight of Palestinians after 36 years of Israeli occupation. After being rejected by other U.S. networks, the WorldLink premiere of the film will mark its U.S. television debut. Pilger sees the just resolution of Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the key to peace in the region. In a series of extraordinary interviews with both Palestinians and Israelis, Pilger weaves together the strands of despair typical of daily Palestinian existence. He speaks to the families of suicide bombers and their victims, visits overcrowded, unsanitary refugee camps, and documents the abuse and neglect of Palestinians by Israeli guards at the military roadblocks which now proliferate throughout the occupied territories. As the film shows, Palestinians are regularly harassed, beaten, denied passage to hospitals for medical care, and even murdered at these checkpoints. For more on John Pilger, and/or to purchase the film go to:

Sun, Mar 09, 9:00 PM ET (Sun, Mar 09, 6:00 PM PT)
Mon, Mar 10, 3:00 AM ET (Mon, Mar 10, 12:00 AM PT)
Mon, Mar 10, 9:00 AM ET (Mon, Mar 10, 6:00 AM PT)
Mon, Mar 10, 3:00 PM ET (Mon, Mar 10, 12:00 PM PT)
Fri, Mar 14, 8:00 PM ET (Fri, Mar 14, 5:00 PM PT)
Sat, Mar 15, 2:00 AM ET (Fri, Mar 14, 11:00 PM PT)
Sat, Mar 15, 8:00 AM ET (Sat, Mar 15, 5:00 AM PT)
Sat, Mar 15, 2:00 PM ET (Sat, Mar 15, 11:00 AM PT)

7:27:40 AM    comment

Yellow Journalism and The Red Road
Indian Country Today, Editorial, by Jose Barreiro, 3/11/03

Yellow journalism is back in full force in America. Originally coined to describe the coverage that helped promote the Spanish-American War of 1898, the term describes a type of journalism high on exaggeration and bias, purposely misguiding readers to achieve the financial and political purposes of particular publishers and editors.
During the turn of the 20th Century, it was driven by the competition between William Hearst's New York Journal and Joseph Pulitzer's New York World. These days the yellow journalism comes primarily out of right-wing visions of an overwhelmingly world-dominant America - its national leadership and its "radia-tolahs" cry for war as their corporations capture market share.

Today, it is mostly electronic and it rides the airwaves and cables of America. Journalism is thus reduced to "talk" about the news. In the electronic fireplace that television and radio were supposed to become, we see mostly the representations of several dozen talking, and more often yelling, heads. Chickenhawks - pundits and policy-makers that never experienced combat - the vast majority jingoistic to a fault, cheer for the bombs to fly. The cry of "America: love it or leave it," and the straight-out willingness to insult the other side, are constant. From Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter to Rush Limbaugh to Shawn Hannity and Laura Ingraham, would-be GI Joe's and Jane's parade through the medium, clamoring for war as the only course of action for a determined America. Even though in these pages we have stated reasons for American Indians to participate in this war, the shrill bellicosity of many on the right is, nonetheless, disconcerting.

But the issue is about more than the likely war on Iraq. It's about a way of looking for accurate, truthful information that goes beyond the America of right and wrong, where everything is to be understood in terms of good and evil, right to left, conservative to liberal, Republican to Democrat. This Ping-Pong sense of truth that permeates American media (and increasingly, consciousness), we believe, unnecessarily limits the range of intelligence available to the American public. In media these days, you are expected to be either one or the other; and more and more commentators line up with one side against the other, rather than look for more comprehensive approaches...


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