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Saturday, January 11, 2003


Here's one for LazyWeb:  the marriage of WatchThisPage and RSS ifier.  Call it SyndicateThis!

WatchThisPage was the name of a service that let you know by Email when webpages were changed.  Watchit.US seems to be a successor.

RSSifier is a voidstar utility allows bloggers whose blog software does not have automatic syndication to syndicate their blogs.  But the blogger has to modify his/her template.

So, combine a "diff" utility service a syndication service.   If there's a page I want to track (without cluttering my email inbox), I use a form to as SyndicateThis! to keep tabs on it.  SyndicateThis! returns a URL for an RSS feed that generates an item each time the watched page changes.  The item shows the nature of the change.

(Or maybe this exists already?)

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