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Monday, January 13, 2003

Intermec Adds Voice Calling to Pocket PCs [Google News WiFi]. allNetDevices
... will enable Intermec's 700 Series Pocket PC devices to make and receive peer-to-peer
voice calls over standard 802.11b wireless local area networks (WLAN). ... [Ecademy : Aggregated News]
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Ridiculously Easy Group Forming

New and improved. Thought I'd mention something new I've been hacking on for the last few evenings. It's not all done yet, but people are e-mailing me about it so here's a bit of an introduction:

    The Internet Topic Exchange

It's the first (as far as I know) real-life implementation of Ridiculously Easy Group Forming. Basically, it lets you create sites like KMPings just by filling out a form.

Once you've created one, you can send TrackBack pings to it, and see them like so. There's also RSS for the aggregator junkies.

With any luck Matt Mower will be supporting it with his LiveTopics tool, so it'll be trivial to use from Radio as well.

Any suggestions / feature requests?


[Second p0st]
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AT-IT Compatibility Guidelines Version 1.05

This document contains guidelines set out by Assistive Technology (AT) developers and is intended to help mainstream Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) vendors make their products more compatible with current and future assistive technology. It was developed under the umbrella of the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) . This document is not a "standard". It is simply advice given from AT vendors to E&IT vendors (also referred to at IT vendors) on how to increase the likelihood that their product will be compatible with AT products.

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Sniffing for WiFi

wifi1.jpg"The ultimate Warchalking accessory: the credit-card sized WiFi sniffer from iDetect that can tell you with the press of a button whether a wireless networks is present. Nice, but a Pocket PC with Mini Stumbler installed is even better, since it can identify multiple networks and tell you how strong their signals are." [Gizmodo]

I'd like to see something like this built-in to devices - a light on my PDA that blinks in a Wi-Fi zone (even when the PDA is off), on my laptop's card, or even on my cell phone. One less thing to carry. Unfortunately, I don't see a price listed anywhere.

[The Shifted Librarian]
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Within hours of proposing SyndicateThis! to LazyWeb, I got a note from python programmer Mark Paschal

Re SyndicateThis!, Stapler, an RSSifier tool for Radio like RssDistiller, will make a feed with just the times a page changed.

I can't say I've got it working completely yet, but it solved a problem within hours of perceiving the problem... 

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Blogsville, New York

What goes around comes around.

Because I've been blogging for some time, and using the blog world for my information visualization work, I subscribe to"> Seb's Open Research. 

Seb cited a post that caught my eye.

An Academic Resource for Microcontent. Met with Liz Lawley last week in Rochester to talk about the possibility of putting together an NSF grant... [Blog de Halavais]

I'm in Rochester, I'm interested in this stuff, I'm writing a grant right now, and Liz Lawley is a familiar name, so I followed the link.  I'll pursue the project, but that's not the main point....

The point is that not only are Lawley and Halavais kindred local spirits of whom I was unaware, but Lawley's list of "Colleague's Blogs" includes Mike Axelrod with whom I go way back.  (A few days after creating DowntownAnywhere in 1993, I received an "Email to Downtown Anywhere" from someone right around the corner (a coincidence, since DA was based in Boston.)  I picked up the phone introduced myself minutes after Mike had clicked the Submit button and visited him and his then-partners-in-crime Stephen Jacobs and Martin Presberg.  Martin and I subsequently became partners in SoftLock/DigitalGoods.  Stephen and I are still colluding on things.)

Anyway I didn't know Mike was interested in this stuff, and the the post on his blog that caught my eye was one about collecting small world stories.  So here's two. 

And hello, Lawley, Halavais and Axelrod.  Let's do lunch sometime?

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