Friday, February 13, 2004

Dave Winer has a point:

I'd much rather have some news about Manila. Let's change the subject from format changes, which mean nothing to users, to features, which do.
I'm sure Userland is making more money from Manila than Radio these days, focusing on Manila features and user requests makes a lot of business sense.

He also makes an interesting suggestion:

...let's get a community project going to do Atom support, and then when we're done, pass it over to UserLand.
Contrary to what I've been reading, Atom support is not going to be a piece of cake: it's a medium term commitment, since the standard is fairly young and due to evolve quite a bit.

This is a typical 'open' project for a developers community, whenever the project is mature enough, it can be incorporated in Userland's code base, with very little work from their technical staff.

I would love to see ENT 1.0 topics for RSS 2.0 support in the aggregator as well. The addition of topics would improve the news browsing experience significantly. Might contribute it myself if Matt does not act first - easier for him.

Here are some pointers anyway:

If anyone shows interest, I will contribute a skeleton tool with built-in auto-update functions, as well as a webEdit server with accounts for all interested developers.

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