Friday, February 27, 2004

I love RSSI've found a bug in the ENT 1.0 module driver for RSS topics included in enhancedAggregator's first release.

The fix involved splitting the module handling code between the cloud script, which compiles ent:topic elements into a table inside each item of the subscribed RSS 2.0 service's compilation table, and a new storyArrived callback script, responsible for storing the compiled topics inside the aggregator's stories table, the base upon which Radio creates its desktop website News page.

This appears to be the correct way to support an RSS 2.0 module in Radio, conforming to the way the main content aggregator is designed. Unfortunately, the storyArrived callback script cannot have access to the module's item level compiled elements, due to the way the xml.rss.compileService script is currently coded. I hope a fix, or an alternate way of implementing the module driver, will soon be released by Userland.

Current users of the enhancedAggregator tool should update their copy, by either clicking the update link in Radio's desktop home page status center, or selecting the enhancedAggregator/update menu option in the Radio application, or simply downloading the new version.

I've received a fair number of inquiries about the tool's inner working, I'll try to come up with a visitor's guide to the code over the week-end, to supplement the current guidelines.

Developers who wish to publish their own updates to the enhancedAggregator project should contact me to retrieve the host address and port number of the project's webEdit server, as well as their username and password. If they haven't done so already, they can activate the webEdit client in their copy of Radio by running the enhancedAggregatorSuite.webEdit.activate script.

Given the current proliferation of RSS modules, I hope the enhancedAggregator will soon become a repository of drivers, allowing Radio users to experiment with the latest trends in Web content syndication.

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