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Thursday, January 09, 2003

Pingback v. Trackback. [Simon Fell]

PB and TB. Pingback v. Trackback. [Simon Fell]

With links to pingback, and trackback specs

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eWeek reviews Websphere 5 and Sun One 7 - comments about Session failover in app servers

eWeek reviews Websphere 5 and Sun One 7.  [TheServerSide.Com: Your J2EE Community]

Interesting reviews.

Websphere 5.0 finally gets a decent in memory session replication for clusters, something that BEA had in Weblogic 6.1. These days I'm documenting cluster setup for Session failover for our Portal Server on BEA 6.1 and IBM 4.0: BEA was so much better ! IBM requires you to use the database for Session persistence, and I still did not succeed in setting it up: their docs are so confuse !

And I did not even test the perf...

Sun ONE App Server 7 does not have this feature at all yet, as pointed in the review: this just makes my job easier :-)

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Touchgraph [Ross Mayfield's Weblog]

Touchgraph [Ross Mayfield's Weblog]

What is interesting are the links to the different TouchGraph applications. I had played with the GoogleBrowser, but others popped up since then.

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A Conversation with Adam Bosworth - from [Collaxa's Take]

A Conversation with Adam Bosworth. A Conversation with Adam Bosworth - . [Collaxa's Take]

Very interesting conversation. Gets BEA's point of view about java, web services and their integrated stack + development tools approach.

For Adam Bosworth java should get metadata (they created 2 JSRs around that), native XML and messaging.

When IBM bought Rationale I thought BEA Workshop was toast, but I was wrong: they don't target the same users as WSAD. They're competing with Microsoft for business developers.

Clever approach.

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XML Capabilities in DB2 - from [Collaxa's Take]

XML Capabilities in DB2. XML Capabilities in DB2 - [Collaxa's Take]

Can come in useful if I ever need to use XML on db2

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I'm still glad I didn't switch to a Mac, but thanks for the comment Mike

Got an interesting  comment [ 1] from Mike Cannon-Brookes alias rebelutionary, whom I am subscribed to and always read with interest, in reply to my Steve Jobs' keynote: I'm glad I didn't switch entry.


Most of your stuff is good - but with this post you just don't get it.

a) Safari - this is a GOOD THING for web standards. Why? Apple seem dead set on supporting standards. As should Mozilla. Hopefully with two standards supporting browsers, we then have people writing HTML to _a standard_, rather than people writing HTML that works in IE and Mozilla. More is better.

b) 1 ghz? It's a different chip to a Pentium, running completely different software. Clock speeds are a poor comparison.

Switch because the entire package is better, it's nothing to do with the chip ;)

c) Merrill Lynch? Bah - who cares. They're in the process of paying out $100 million or so for false claims.

Otherwise, keep up the good work ;)


For c) Mike is right: analysts prediction are very often contradicted by reality. So this should not be a But I mentioned this article because I really believe that hardware is a commodity market and that Apple's products are too expensive to gain a broad market share. A slightly bigger screen is not what I call a revolutionary product and I don't understand all the fuss people make about that.
For b), processor speed, I agree with his criticism as well: I'm not a specialist in this area and I haven't experimented with the 2 machines (a Intel 2 gHz laptop and a Powerbook 1 GHz) to tell if this makes a difference for my usage.
For a) the browser, you're right Mike: I just don't get it.
I don't understand why they did not use Mozilla as the base for an Apple browser. I don't agree with the "More is better" motto in this particular case. I think it would be interesting to have a single open source core for browsers, that implements the standards, and then many browsers and apps based on that.
On one side you have IE with more than 80% of market share, and a single company to develop a proprietary browser.
On the other side, you have... fragmentation.
Having Apple developers contribute to Gecko to add the features they need, and then use it to build their own browser would have been better.
Let's discuss this again in 1 or 2 years to see what has become of Safari and see if it was worth it.
I have to admit that as an ex-Netscaper, I'm strongly biased towards Mozilla: maybe I should take it easy with these browser issues :-)
Thanks for your comments Mike. There's nothing like being challenged to keep you humble about your knowledge and opinions.

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A new neighbor through GeoUrls

A new neighbor: Uzopia .

Hi Maik, you seem to be Python/Zope developer.


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