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 Thursday, November 20, 2008


1. Music in the kitchen

Earlier tonite he erupted in song in the kitchen.

"Benny! Benny!" he sang. "Do you guys have that? ... B-B-B-Benny and the jetsss."

Trudy and I look at each other in amaze. My head flashes back to ... well a long time ago, and I heard piano chords.

2. Music in the living room

Now, he's in the living room.

"Maria! I just met a girl named Maria!" Ok, he's using different words, because he's singing to the dog. And the dog is singing (howling) back.

My head flashes back to ... well a longer time ago. And I'm running across the stage with Sharks in hot pursuit.

3. Music to my ears

"It's time!" he shouts. "It's time to hit the Submit button!"

And in an instant, another college application has been completed.

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