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 Monday, November 24, 2008

Cold Pond Wondering

It's been getting colder outside. Saturday I got chilled to the bone working outside and am only now warming up, many sweaters and cups of hot tea and even a hot tub later. You would laugh if I said just how cold it has been, because frankly it hasn't been cold by any scale but a Texan's.

But today was warmer. I saw a bee buzzing the last few blossoms of the Cowpen Daisies and a couple butterflies fluttering in the backyard.

I wonder if we'll have Damsel Flies by the pond next spring. Or dragon flies. I can't wait for the days to begin to lengthen and the temperatures begin to climb. For now, we're headed the other direction, and I wonder what will happen to the pond in February.

I also wonder what that boy is doing out there in the living room. He says from time to time that he's working on another essay for another college application, but it's impossible to get any positive sense of whether he's making progress and how long he thinks it will take to reach closure on all of this.

On the other hand, he's well ahead of where he could be if he had procrastinated as his father surely would have done. So I'll just wonder in silence.

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