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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Asperger's, Exercise, and sub-4 hour marathons

I broke my previous marathon record of 4:06 with a 3:54 time at Burlington!

I received an email asking me why Asperger/Autism Spectrum kids hate to exercise and I promised to think about it (I'm not really sure why).  My off the cuff thought is that its boring and takes them away from what they would rather be doing or paying attention to (computers, video games, statistics, etc.).  They also are not as concerned about their physical appearance which many of us think is improved through exercise (although running marathons is probably bad for one's appearance and overall health).  Finally, exercise is a problem of "delayed gratification" (we don't experience the benefits immediately) while AS individuals want what they want right now.

Does this seem right?  I'll go googling when I return from NYC in a couple of days to see if anyone else is addressing this subject.

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