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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I was talking to a broadcast-news veteran about podcasting the other day, and he said it sounded like a way to revive a talk radio program he used to do. I pointed him to former NPR host Chris Lydon's weblog, which started doing just that with MP3 files of dozens of professional-quality interviews. (Here's his toolkit from a year ago.)

Today, right on cue, my blog aggregator delivered instructions on not only using the Web to "broadcast" the audio to iPods and computer MP3 players, but how to use the Internet telephone system called Skype to handle the "talk" part of the program. Stuart Henshall tells all about it here:

Introducing instructions for SkypeCasting. The front-end solution for podcasters to create great sounding audio recordings from interviews and conference calls using Skype. For the last few days I've been recording podcasts using Skype. As the call ends with a couple of clicks it is converted to mp3 and uploaded to a blog... The SkypeCasters' recipe is simple and we have written it up in detail. Add together Skype, Virtual Audio Cables, Windows Sound Recorder, a simple Wav to mp3 converter MT_Enclosures and iPodder and you can be Podcasting later today! The solution will cost you $40.

I think Adam Curry and Dave Winer have used Skype on some of their Trade Secrets podcasts. ... and their Dec. 9 edition, which I missed while grading final exams, talks about tools and plans for the future -- including pay-subscription possibilities, which brought a mixture of comments pro and con.)

Following one of Stuart's links, I see that the Wikipedia podcasting page has grown quite a bit since my last visit, including plenty of how-to links and historical info.

Elsewhere, plenty of digital audio-recording advice with a professional-radio focus is available at the Peabody-award-winning

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