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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Asia's Deadly Waves is the title of the New York Times page collecting the paper's coverage of the tsunami, from eyewitness reports on the beaches of India, Sri Lanka and Thailand to interviews at a Buddhist temple on Staten Island, with photographs, graphics, and more.

Times reporter John Schwartz also reports that "for vivid reporting from the enormous zone of tsunami disaster, it was hard to beat the blogs." See his Blogs Provide Raw Details From Scene of the Disaster.

One impressive blogging project is, setting up a crew of international bloggers working in shifts to keep the site up to date as relief information comes in. Elsewhere, is keeping track of disaster communications projects involving cell-phone text messaging.

For a sample of other U.S. newspaper approaches to the tsunami story, I'm looking at the Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times and Raleigh News & Observer. (While not exactly a weblog, the N&O's "24 hour news" section pulls together wire service stories by topic for sharing on all McClatchy newspaper chain sites. It's the descendant of The Nando Times, where I started working in "online news" 10 years ago this month.)

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