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Thursday, December 30, 2004

With many things to do in the next 48 hours, I'm bookmarking these lightly browsed or RSS aggregator-delivered items to read over the weekend...

Internet Use Said to Cut Into TV Viewing and Socializing. The average Internet user in the U.S. spends three hours a day online, with much of that time devoted to work and more than half of it to communications. By John Markoff, NYT.

College Recruiters Lure Students With New Online Tools. Frustrated by the failure of e-mail solicitations, admission directors are looking for new ways to incorporate the Internet into their marketing plans. By Bob Tedeschi, NYT.

Scanning In Your Memories? Go to the Source. Scanners can convert slides and negatives to digital files which can then be cropped, color-corrected and e-mailed to friends. Which model is right for you? By Ivan Berger, NYT.

Top Ten Ideas of '04: News Turns from a Lecture to a Conversation. Some of the pressure the blogs are putting on journalists shows up, then, in the demand for "news as conversation," more of a back-and-forth, less of a pronouncement. This is an idea with long roots in academic journalism that suddenly (as in this year) jumped the track to become part of the news industry's internal dialogue. By Jay Rosen, NYU, Pressthink.

Shadow Networks Spawn Bootlegs. They start with a single stolen file and pump out pirated games and movies by the millions. Jeff Howe from Wired magazine looks at the 'topsites' that are terrorizing the entertainment business. Wired.

Mr. President, will you answer the question?
President Bush has a special talent for avoiding tough questions and reporters who ask them. Here's what the White House press corps should do to smoke him out. By Dan Froomkin, Nieman Foundation.

Tartan Spangled Banner BBC Scotland's David Stenhouse travels the U.S. to find out why more and more Americans are digging up their Scottish roots. He visits one of North America's most popular Highland Games and talks with celebrities, politicians, and assorted Scottish Americans. Inside Out, WBUR.

Bloggers, Citizen Media and Rather's Fall -- Little People Rise Up in 2004 The year bloggers made a difference, while hyperlocal citizen journalism made inroads. Our annual poll of colleagues, with Top 5 lists and predictions for '05. By Mark Glaser, OJR.

Feed your head: Podcasting is DIY radio for programmers and listeners alike. Will it save us from corporate radio? Or further isolate us inside our own miniature media worlds? By Dan Kennedy, Boston Phoenix.

Where Can I Get Scrod? According to a joke circulating around the Internet, the answer to the question is, "You must be a grammarian. I've never heard the question asked in the pluperfect subjunctive." By Skip Lombardi, Skip's Italian Food Blog.

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