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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Across town, Jay Small at Scripps offers a long and thoughtful essay on how innovation happens (or doesn't) at news organizations headed for the online world. His audience is "newspaper operators" and, I would guess, newspaper designers and online staff members... or prospective ones... who would like to be part of something new in news.

Says Jay: "I hope it generates some discussion, questions, debates and disagreements. I need to keep noodling this myself, listening to others' opinions, and refining my own. Sometimes it feels as though arriving at a method and mindset for innovation is as much trial and error as the product development process itself."

That sounds a lot like something I heard from another online/design guru, Robb Montgomery, and a reader discussion, a couple of months ago -- about the need for news organizations and journalism educators to cultivate a "culture of innovation" in journalism... rather than just focus on adopting or teaching flavor-of-the-month innovations.

Back on campus, Innovation in College Media caught up with Rob Curley of the Washington Post, asking good questions about... well... innovation in college media -- including his suggestions for staff organization at a student newspaper's website.

(Our new/news site at UT uses the core software behind the sites Curley previously led in Lawrence, Kan., and Naples, Fla. The evening video newscasts at are definitely worth a look, both for production values and content.)

More food for innovative thought here:

Student reminder: When I go a few days without a blog entry to read, feel free to poke around in my collection of bookmarks, many with bloglike comments.

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