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Media, Democracy, Peace & Justice. 5 minute audio collage using the voices of "Making Contact" for their 10th anniversary (5 minutes, MP3)

Documenting Torture: Holding the United States Accountable. On this edition, we trace the seeds of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal to 9/11 and previous to that time. We hear from survivors of torture, human rights advocates, and a soldier. And we'll revisit the official government reaction. (29 minutes, Real Audio)

On a Mission. Scott and Joe were both raised in the Mormon community. But being gay puts them at odds with their families and the church.(26 minutes, Real Audio)

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Friday, May 12, 2006
the light in me sees the light in you
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OM mason jar project
i carry around a glass mason jar for drinking water. yes, it takes a little planning ahead, fill the jar up with filtered tap water at beginning of day, but not a big whoop once it's part of routine. here's why i love my jar:

*save lots of money by not buying bottled water (how did we get snookered into buying water?!)

*supports water as a public right--not a commodity for private companies.

*completely re-usable. even if you recycle the plastic, it's toxic to recycle, and is only re-used once (i.e. sent to china and turned into a jacket) landing right back into the landfill.

*no standards on the bottled water, so not necessarily without chemicals.

*plastic bottles, even the nalgene, leaches into the water. it's an estrogen mimicker. ickk.

*people ask about my jar (with cute turtle sticker on it), so it's a good moment to connect and share another way of being on the planet.

*it's nice to drink outta glass, tastes better.

i've been giving friends the jars with an 'om' sticker on it. so if Masuro Emoto is correct, then they are drinking peace. in any case, i like the symbolism.
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