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Media, Democracy, Peace & Justice. 5 minute audio collage using the voices of "Making Contact" for their 10th anniversary (5 minutes, MP3)

Documenting Torture: Holding the United States Accountable. On this edition, we trace the seeds of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal to 9/11 and previous to that time. We hear from survivors of torture, human rights advocates, and a soldier. And we'll revisit the official government reaction. (29 minutes, Real Audio)

On a Mission. Scott and Joe were both raised in the Mormon community. But being gay puts them at odds with their families and the church.(26 minutes, Real Audio)

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Friday, June 2, 2006
East Bay Creative Re-Use Center
great place for getting rid of silly piles of stuff for never appearing art projects.

also great for making silly art projects! big letter stickers, piles of mah-jong sets, and photos of people you'll never know. dirt cheap.
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My Two Invisible Tatoos
on the right index finger: buck up the left: let go

i have too much stuff. well, probably not compared to most, but as i get ready for move #4 in the past year and a half, i am trying to purge things that are literally weighing me down. oh the mind demons i am fighting. i am definitely the 'what if' kind of gal, but that's a burden. hence the finger tatoos.

how far will i go? we shall see. i've got some help (from my local library) clear your clutter with feng shui by Karen Kingston. Yes, it has some silly stories about people who've cleared their stuff and then won the lottery. but it also has very practical advice for those like me who put way too much energy and fear onto every item. letting go of the old invites in new.
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get and give away stuff for free
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