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 Sunday, December 1, 2002

Group Stuff in the Hopper: (Will be taking notes over next few days while I'm on the road.)

I have to get these ideas down so I won't lose them. I'll notify that there are some thoughts are brewing and contributions are welcome via a seeds entry. Maybe make it slightly outrageous to get attention.

Doh!.. Have [sort-of] reintegrated outliner excitement into process will use it as focusing tool. Also supporters can more easily track changes via tuning in to that specific outline. For now it'll be called See Subheading: Group Workflow and Projects

Specially Appropriate Task for Group-Forming Group?:

The next set of thoughts deserves development in the group-forming work group. After the group has processed to the degree that it will we/I can make it more broadly available.Have to work out that sequence.

Personal Writing Style Choice: Wide-Narrow-Wide-- A recommendation given my thinking/learning style that ultimately leads to relatively accessible writing. Write about the situation and inquiry showing all relevant thoughts and links any way you can. Surface the core structure of the piece-- translate into outline.(slap on forehead--doh!!--Radio outliner can/should be used and will focus nicely along the way---for group, think of the possibilities given transclusion) Use outline to refine the huge first draft into a more elegant set of sequenced pieces. Reintegrate into an elegant story. Publish story in small segments for blogging public -- giving access to full story whenever any want more.

Disconnected Parts of Of the First W (in W-N-W) : An hypothesis about the acceleration power of a bounded system of thinkers (the system meeting certain criteria), an analysis of system structure and process specs(starting with Bryan Coffman's introduction --see System under In the Same Outline you Found Notes Like These--, one-by-one as they might affect a bounded system of thinkers.

Some of the first thoughts about system theory driven implications are:
a decider,

an exclusivity of focus (for example a per cent of klogging time guarantee) compact between members,

division of responsibility amongst members to cover system survival functions as well as system growth.

Write the acceleration hypothesis.

Klog pieces of above in bite-sized chunks.

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