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Friday, May 16, 2003

I've been slammed again - another all out coding festival for the last several weeks.  We ran into a bunch of Groove Web Services bugs and I shifted priorities to address as many as possible in a forthcoming maintenance release.  The good thing is that more and more people are using the system, both internally and externally.  Developers are finding some very interesting possibilities using GWS and the "Powered by Groove" development model.  But wouldn't you know?  They actually want it to work too!

Glad to see Ray and Matt (sort of) are both back into this Blogging thing.  Like Ray, I started this out just to see what it was, and slowly got sucked in.  Often I hate feeling like a slave to the Blog - like I have to think of something to say, or keep my rankings higher, or respond to someone else.  It was actually quite nice and refreshing to completely ignore the Internet for the past 2 months.  I don't think I missed all that much :)  I certainly didn't miss the Internet.  How much time have you wasted online?

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