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Friday, May 30, 2003

Groove 2.5d went live on the site last night!  This release addresses many issues related to GWS.  If you are using GWS, or using a solution based on this technology then I highly recommend upgrading to this build.  No wait, I don't think its optional for developers:  this release includes the publication of the GWS COM APIs, which will allow developers to extend GWS functionality by creating new Web Services for the platform.  The other biggest issue by far was the problem where Groove itself could get wedged for a full 60 seconds when using http/1.1.  Ouch.

We are really happy with the interest that this product has generated and we're committed to supporting the GWS programming model going forward.  Lots of very cool ideas and possibilities are buzzing around these days.

I also want to acknowledge the efforts and professionalism of everyone on this project.  Our QA team was slammed with a very steep learning curve and has met this challenge with remarkable skill and dedication.  And I'm grateful for all the support we've been given from the company as a whole.  Thank you all for your hard work, encouragment and positive attitude!

Now maybe we can get a little sleep before the next round of fun!

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