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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I wasn't driving, officer ... it was my dog! Wales After being sentenced for drunk driving, and  banned from driving for two years, placed on a 12 month rehabilitation and ordered to pay court costs, the drunk driving defendent had this to say:

"They got the wrong dog. It was actually my little Jack Russell who was driving at the time." [icWales] (Testimony revealed he also had a Staffordshire bull terrier sitting between his legs, at the time of his arrest...)

Employer sues three employees who ate his dog...  South Korea 'Biting the hand that feeds you..'

On Sunday, the three men in their 50s who work at a rental car shop in Seoul took their employer's two-year-old Chindo dog to a nearby valley, killed her and ate her. [Their employer] discovered his dog missing from the parking lot where she was normally tied up... He then remembered the three [employees] had often joked about serving up the dog for dinner, and reported the matter to the police... [Punjab.com]

Man arrested for tying dog to train track MD [Herald-Mail]

The Dog Whisperer... read this fascinating profile of Cesar Millan, aka The Dogman, star of the National Geographic show...

'Every dog is born balanced, connected, grounded and aligned," Millan says. "When they come to live with humans, we develop issues for them. What I do is I bring back what they ln the process of spiritually connecting... But in 20 years of working with aggressive dogs, I've never had to go to a doctor for stitches...'  [SignonSanDiego]

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hjm [more ascii art link via Black Stump]

UK Pets are getting really fat... No exercise, too much salt, poor diet, and overfeeding has created 'porky' pets...

  • 8 out of 10 [UK] vets are seeing increasing numbers of obese pets, yet 90% of pet owners believe that their pets are not overweight.
  • Excess levels of salt and fats found in pet food.
  • Just over a quarter of pets have suffered from stress or behavioural problems.
  • Three-fifths of vets are reporting a growing number of 'human style' illnesses and disorders such as diabetes and arthritis. [UK Pet Industry News]

I've used Yahoo for web mail service for years and ignored its other features.Yahoo also delivers a very addictive personal news aggregation service which will serve up all your news feeds, rss feeds and web stuff, all in one place, customized your way.

While Yahoo was polishing off the ultimate personal web organizer, I've been doing it all the hard way: hopping from one place to another for news via RadiolandFeedDemon, del.icio.us, Spurl, Flickr, Google...

Now that I have my personal Yahoo, I can add some feeds, read 'em, and have time to walk the dogs... amazing...

For webauthoring, FeedBurner does it all. With Feedburner, I spliced together my Flickr feed, de.licio.us bookmarks, and Radioland Dog News rss feed...