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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Canada's hotels aim to please... the discerning dog traveler It's all in a day's work...

'In addition to designated, pet-friendly rooms, close to elevators for emergency outings, the Holiday Inn on King Street has introduced a "Give a Dog a Bone" room service menu of products and services.

  • Room 802: a leash and stoop and scoop bags -- rush, please.
  • Room 601: play toys, food and water bowls and kibble.
  • Room 403: needs a wee-wee pad...' [Hamilton Spectator]

For East Coast USA travelers, we recommend Ocean City, Maryland, as your pooch haven of luxury. The best time to travel there: October 1 - October 13. While visiting, you'll find plenty of dog related activities: Greyhound week in nearby Bethany Beach, the boardwalk is open to leashed dogs; during Greyhound week, some restaurants and book havens fling open their doors to four-footed friend... We visited this October and joined some impromptu Greyhound gatherings with our two chow chows. (well, they are rescues, too... and they act just like well behaved greyhounds. They can't help it if they look like chows.)