Friday, January 14, 2005

Patrick Eakes says the BizJournal deserves credit for writing about the N&R's online effort...but knocks them for not putting the story online yet. "I wonder if they should buy a ticket for this train, instead of watching it leave the station."

A point I've been trying to make to the BizJournal for a while now, although not as concisely as Patrick did...

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"Blogging is a tool, Journalism is an occupation, and Credibility is a goal. They are strange bedfellows." An observation by The Head Lemur about the upcoming Harvard conference on Blogging, Journalism, and Credibility.

I think I have something to tell the media elite in Cambridge next week, and that is the way traditional and alternative journalism are being practiced on the web here Greensboro. It's not about blogging as punditry, or blogs as the bane of reckless TV journalists, it does not answer burning questions about the place of bloggers in the social hierarchy of Manhattan and DC, but it does address the issues of blogging, journalism, and credibility.

I will point to the weblogs of City Council member Tom Phillips and Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen, two elected officials who are speaking directly to the public on their blogs -- experts in a field who have cut out the middlemen and opened their own media channels. It's blogging for damn sure, and we can worry about whether it's journalism and whether it's credible, and what credible journalists should do with it.

I'd throw in a blog like David Wharton's, too, the way he covers neighborhood and development issues in detail, and tie it all in with the way blogs covered the tsunami, with people on-site posting information without waiting for the traditional media to find them, and try to understand how these individual blogs help improve traditional journalism and make it more credible.

And of course we have interesting things going on here with our traditional journalists as they try to figure out how blogging and newspapers co-exist.

That's what I plan to say, anyway. But I'll probably pop off on everything else on the agenda, too.

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Over at ACC Hoops, I'm comparing Duke to the far-from-great Carolina team that went to the Final Four a few years ago: "Obviously a win at NC State does not make you a world-beater, just a bad-team-beater. But still...I'm not saying Duke is on it's way to the Final Four. Are they the fifth-best team in the land? No. They will get beaten by more talented teams. Soon. But this is a dangerous team to underestimate."

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David Wharton tweaks John Hammer for an (as-yet-unposted) (sigh) column about the supposedly imminent destruction of War Memorial Stadium: "Perhaps John is right in a way that he didn't intend."

Wharton's looking for input on the venerable stadium's future, so if you have something smart to say, well, tell him.

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Tony Pierce: "yes the instapundit can write about whatever he wants. of course he can. but when you continually close your eyes, cover your ears and say lalalalalalaRatherGate you look like a...tool...

...even though i dont agree with everything that he writes or links to or doesnt link to, i dont want the instapundit to look like a...tool. the dude is one of the blog gods and it's sad to see him act like a guy on the take."

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Kos and Jerome Armstrong on Zephyr Teachout and the Wall Street Journal's coverage of her post about the Dean campaign's hopes of influencing bloggers.

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