Tuesday, February 01, 2005

OJR's Mark Glaser sounds a cautious note on free online newspaper archives: "But even as newspapers salivate over the new boom in paid search ads, they shouldn't get ahead of themselves."

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Lots of interesting stuff at the N&R, via JR's blog: beaucoup des comments at the Letters to the Editor blog, good news and bad news on link-rot for newspaper archives (fixed, but about to be broken again in the process of really fixing the problem), and the announcement of a new page for teenagers.

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BizJournal: "Bostic Construction, which has spent recent months trying to renegotiate $120 million in debt for it and its affiliates, now is in bankruptcy court following a seldom-used maneuver by a group of creditors."

The Business Journal has owned this story for weeks now. Correct me if I'm wrong -- but I don't think I've seen ONE WORD about this MAJOR LOCAL NEWS in other local publications. Hello in there McFly....

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Fight Fight, Inner Light, Kill Quakers Kill

A cheer my mom taught me from her Bryn Mawr days...the other cheers were in Greek.

Ok, it wasn't my little Quaker alma mater...but it was the one here in GSO, and a length-of-the-court desperation heave to win the game is just a good thing.

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Jeff Thigpen: "The Register of Deeds office reached an important point in the Request for Proposals for our Imaged Indexing project..."

All you playa-haters who think blogging won't ever reach a mass audience...well, you are probably right about this kind of post. But that's not the point. Thigpen is using his blog to push info out to anyone who might care -- he's reporting to constituents, creating a public record, and humanizing the workings of government. It's not the next Desperate Housewives, and it's not supposed to be.

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Backwards City: "The games achieve what George Lucas has never been able to achieve: it makes the Dark Side seductive. The Dark Side doesn't proudly announce itself as the Dark Side and laugh maniacally; it doesn't call on you to join me and we can rule the galaxy as father and son.

"The Dark Side plays upon your insecurities.
The Dark Side plays upon your longing to be liked and well-respected.
The Dark Side happens just a little at a time.
The Dark Side thinks that *it's* the Light Side."

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NYT, 1960: "Negro Sitdowns Stir Fear Of Wider Unrest in South" (via Greensboro101).

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Fred Barnes wants the White House to tell us how much we are allowed to dissent on Iraq. Presumably other issues are still up for negotiation in the land of the free.

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Orcinus on "the spread of extremism into the mainstream of conservatism."

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Hoggard attended the 45th Sit-In Anniversary Celebration this morning. Stirring oratory and celebrity-sightings made up for the 6:30 starting time, he says.

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Mea culpa, Mr. Sun -- you are right, and on behalf of bloggers everywhere, I apologize: we totally missed the big story on mother-daughter strife in Uganda -- despite such piquant prose as "You are dirty and smelly like your aunts."

BTW, nice job getting the interview with my dog, she don't usually say much.

Bonus: Mr. Sun's great moments in blog history. Indeed.

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Sally Greene: "Project to roll back Enlightenment proceeds apace."

She links to a great page of warning labels from a Swarthmore professor, Colin Purrington.

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"A clear message of 'February One' is that you do not need permission to start a revolution, Mr. McCain said."

The Times writes about the Greensboro sit-ins, and a PBS documentary on the subject.

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NYT: "In districts around the country, even when evolution is in the curriculum it may not be in the classroom...Teaching guides and textbooks may meet the approval of biologists, but superintendents or principals discourage teachers from discussing it. Or teachers themselves avoid the topic, fearing protests from fundamentalists in their communities."

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