Tuesday, March 01, 2005

TheShu links to a BlogAds announcement about local blogging ad networks. Roch was talking to Henry Copeland about this at the Triangle blog con, don't know if anything came of it. But I guess we'll find out.

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Joelblog: "I pray this Tuesday that no matter what your frustration or challenge, that you would be able to enjoy God today."

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Chapel Hill Town Council member Sally Greene discusses plans to build an expensive building. "(C)reating an attractive and environmentally responsible workplace for town employees is a worthy goal."

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If this be snobbery, let's make the most of it: A reader calls David Wharton a "snob," Wharton says it's probably true.

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Downloadable electronic version of the University of Missouri paper. USA Today quotes lots of folks saying it's great. Hmm. Why? Marginal benefit to readers from formatted pages. And if it allows a paper to ship ads along with content, it makes business sense. But I don't know that downloading a big fat file of a whole newspaper, rather than grazing for the things I actually want to read, is so appealing. (via Romenesko)

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Gate City on the Guilford County Superindendent of Schools: "Grier also plays rough, dirty, and quite hard. I respect that part of him, actually."

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Sam Hieb went to the archives and read the N&R's early coverage of the St. James mess. Worth a look. Sam: "Based on the N&R's reporting back in '01, anyone could have seen that the Grahams were not the people to right the ship." More articles from that same time period, then, "That's also the last article on St. James Homes until January of this year."

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Roch says public access TV is showing some scary stuff. Yes, scarier than the usual stuff. "Homosexuals are 'supposed to be killed.' That was the message aired on GCTV, Greensboro's public access channel cable 8, on Sunday night."

Is that a threat of violence, as Roch says?

Back in the realm of merely scary stuff on GCTV, I could watch this guy for hours. And he's local, too.

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Here's a new one: Slate's David Wallace-Wells identifies me as a "conservative commentator." I guess because I liked that Chris Rock joke about The Passion?

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