Monday, March 07, 2005

Jerry McClough spoke with some Saturday night's poetry slam participants, and he's got audio. TheShu has pics.

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So I'm as happy a Carolina fan as I've been since, I dunno, the Heels beat Stanford in the regionals a few long years ago...but I have to ask: why did Roy wait so long to press yesterday? The pressure was very effective during that quick first-half run...and then they didn't do it again until the last desperate minutes.

Damn Carolina fans. We're never happy, are we?

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When not to hyphenate. (via Mike Munger)

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A blogger gets White House press pass...Garrett Graff blogs for an organization, but it's still progress...

...but progress makes some folks uneasy.

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The new Tar Heel Tavern, a carnival of NC bloggers, is up over at Pratie Place (more here on joining the carnival).

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Joe Guarino is blogging. Turns out his strong conservative voice is a family tradition.

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The Denver Post has a blogging page, with staff blogs and links to local independents.

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Washington Post covers the Truth & Reconciliation project. Chewie is unimpressed by Mayor Holliday's remarks.

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Glenn Reynolds: "I'm deeply skeptical of the bankruptcy bill in front of Congress now...a pure giveaway to corporate interests."

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