Saturday, March 12, 2005

Argh. GA Tech wanted it more. It shouldn't hurt Carolina in the NCAA seedings. But still, Argh.

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Part one of Jesse Oxfeld's E&P article on the News & Record is up: The goals of this transformation? "Building a new way of doing smart, citizen journalism," [Robinson] explained on his blog. "More transparency. News as a conversation. It's a world the News & Record must play in. This is not just the concept for online; this is the concept for the newspaper."

Read the whole column.

Even Slate press critic Jack Shafer -- who earned a reputation as a blog-journalism reactionary after a column mocking the advocates' triumphalism -- has only good things to say about the Greensboro initiative.

Nice article...I am curious as to why JR, Roch, Gillmor, Shafer, and Rosen are all listed as "People" in the side column, and I'm listed as a "Concept."

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Allen Johnson: "Whatever happened to the courtesy wave?"

I have noticed the same thing. It's bad enough that drivers clog the passing lanes, flick cigarette butts out the window, and don't use turn signals...but not giving The Wave, or even The Nod, when shown courtesy as, say, Davie Street bottlenecks into its new traffic-flow by the Cultural Center, well, that my friends is the decline of Western Civ.

Here's another gripe: the personal redefinition of right-of-way. Well-intentioned, but dangerous and annoying. You've seen it: the driver who stops in the middle of a busy street to yield to another car or a pedestrian, thus disrupting the planned flow of traffic.

And while we're on the subject, the death-courting jaywalkers I managed not to flatten on Greene Street this week included a uniformed cop...

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ACC Hoops: "Size matters."

I had a meeting yesterday that started at noon and ran long. I had the waiter bringing me the UNC-Clemson score every time he refilled the tea glasses...Carolina has now shown twice in one week that it can come back to win, which is good after a season in which it blew out many opponents and failed to complete a comeback at Duke...the Heels have shown poise and character even since that loss at Cameron. Now I'd be happy to see a few more blowouts...

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ACC commish John Swofford: "Greensboro will remain part of the future rotation of sites for the men's basketball tournament."

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Further debunking of Thomas Woods Jr's PIGTAH, by David Greenberg: "The Politically Incorrect Guide politicizes history in a new way, reducing all scholarly inquiry to a mere stance in the culture wars."

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Lee Siegel in Slate: Salvador Dalí, Artist or kitsch-meister?


Salvador Dalí, Soft Construction With Boiled Beans: Premonition of Civil War, 1936, Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Arensberg Collection.

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BlogAds survey results. Thanks to all readers who participated.

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David Wharton: "But my parents also gave us the gift of being adults themselves, of having a portion of their lives into which the kids weren't invited." Important for the kids, and also for the parents.

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