Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Part Deux of the Editor & Publisher article on the News & Record is here. Still says I'm a freelancer, but otherwise seems fine to me.

Part one is here.

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An interesting post from JR about an obituary for the defendant in a famous local murder case.

JR: "What we do causes us to hurt people's feelings. It is not something we take lightly; we have numerous discussions every day on a variety of stories about sensitivity, compassion and tone. Yet our core purpose of seeking and telling the truth demands that we tell the story as completely and honestly as we know it."

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Reuters: "President Bush said on Wednesday that the U.S. government's practice of sending packaged news stories to local television stations was legal and he had no plans to cease it...He said it was up to the local news stations to disclose that the segments were produced by the government."

Well, as long as we're protected by the high standards of local TV news...

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Lunch with Joya Wesley of the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It's still a tough sell with lot of people, not just Keith Holliday. I think Nelson Johnson is a big part of that. That is to be expected. The history and his role in it are not uncomplicated. I began my own long journey with Nelson several years ago, and have had the benefit of hours of conversation with him. Most people haven't had that kind of opportunity. Persistence, focus, and maybe that weblog we discussed could help Joya get the message across.

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Sam Hieb adds to the N&R's coverage of last night's City Council meeting.

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Don Herzog: "[L]ike the medieval theorists, like the Stuart monarchs, Justice Scalia doesn't believe that political authority ascends from the people."

Brad DeLong: "Nino Scalia's views on this are profoundly--there is no other word for it--UnAmerican. Here in the United States, we are all children of Thomas Jefferson. God does not give us rulers. Instead, God gives us rights: to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We then institute governments to secure these rights, and they derive their just powers from our consent, not from God's decree."

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Unrehearsed we be and woe-

Pinch'd, moving to avoid th'immodest

And penetrant sun.

From "Umbrage," a poem by John Latta that appears in Backwards City Review # 1 and is today's choice at Poetry Daily.

Greensboro-based BCR is also Poetry Daily's featured publication:"It is a glorious, perfect-bound, 9"x6" beauty of a journal, overripe with Comic-Lit, short stories, essays, art, and poems."

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John Edwards is spending time at Harvard this spring. Is anyone from Berkman on his radar?

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Charlotte fan: "This is a horrible time for State to play us." Let the smackfest begin.

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