Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Did the MSNBC thing via webcam. The experience was oddly familiar. Lots of buildup, a few jitters, and bam, it's over in 90 seconds.


UPDATE: The Political Teen has the video (segment starts at about 1:00 mark).

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The inaugural John Edwards podcast, costarring Elizabeth Edwards. Groundbreaking, after a fashion. Not so much the content of this one audio file, but as a portent of things to come, for Edwards and other smart pols.

JE on fighting poverty: "We want this to be a movement, not a campaign." 

And other important stuff: "We think UNC is going to the Final Four."

More on voting machines, social security (roll back Bush's tax cuts to fund it; JE cites bloggers as leaders in fight to save it).

EE on bloggers and the FEC: "It's silly," like trying to regulate conversation.

JE on drilling for oil in Alaskan wilderness: "This such an enormous mistake." Does funny raspberry noise when he stumbles on a word.

JE: "We want this to be a very personal conversation between us and you." Bonus for using the term "RSS."

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City Councilman Robbie Perkins is quoted in Lorraine Ahearn's flippant column about red light cameras saying that he knew of no other way of slowing down drivers as they approach intersections. The last couple of commenters in this thread have some thoughts on the subject. WillR says Greensboro not only overlooked some basic methods of traffic control, it didn't even do the red light cameras right.

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The next big thing in local blogging: real political conversations. Greensboro City Councilwoman Sandy Carmany's new blog is already setting the standard, as she continues to write about the Truth and Reconciliation process: "I still have grave concerns about accuracy and bias and have NOT moved from my original position. However, I am somewhat more comfortable that all sides of the issue might be heard and explored."

Joya Wesley of the GTRC leaves a long comment, and Sandy responds. The conversation that the Commission hopes to generate is already happening at local blogs.

Meanwhile, Matt Williams has an article about how others see us through the prism of November 3,1979. I hope they read our weblogs.

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A forum to discuss the problems with electronic voting machines -- an area of dubious distinction for North Carolina -- will be held on Monday evening, March 28, at the Unitarian Universalist church on Hilltop Road in Greensboro.

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Take two: I'm rescheduled for the MSNBC blog roundup, this afternoon at about 5:15. Broadcast via webcam from HQ on South Elm Street.

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Planning wiki for possible local blog conference this summer. I think this project would benefit  from some definition -- who is it meant to serve, and what is it meant to accomplish?

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