Friday, April 01, 2005


We were happy to put our feet in the cold Pacific...and it's been a happy week of spring break here in the Bay Area, but home we head today. A few more pics here.

The day we went to Stinson Beach may have been my favorite -- cruising across the Golden Gate bridge with Big Railroad Blues playing, spending a dreamy time among the redwoods in Muir Woods, a drive along the coast on Route 1...

...although Napa Valley also was great, and we enjoyed our days in San Francisco. Lucky on the weather, which always helps. The kids are good travelers, and that helps, too.

Good eating on this vacation -- an Indian restaurant called Gaylord on Ghirardelli Square may have been the peak experience, combining lamb rhogan josh with a sweeping view of the Bay. And we learned why the tour at Del Dotto vineyards is nicknamed Del Blotto.

It should be springtime when we get home.

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