Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Theocracy's airforce?

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Allen Johnson: "But instead of merely voting not to endorse the Truth and Reconciliaton effort, as I'd expected, the council voted, along racial lines, to oppose the initiative altogether.

"Councilwoman Florence Gatten's rhetoric was especially pointed, almost contemptuous, as she quesioned the integrity of the people who seek to re-examine the Nov. 3, 1979 killings of five protesters at an anti-Klan rally at Greensboro's Morningside Homes."

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John Robinson read my suggestion that the N&R podcast its Tommy Lee interview...and he said, Make it so -- audio from interview and others will be made available online at GoRadio.

The next trick: find a sponsor for those audio files -- and remember, they will be listened to around the world, for years to come, surely some enterprising ad rep can interest somebody in a quick promo spot.

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I'm scheduled to do the MSNBC blog round up on Connected Coast to Coast, this afternoon at 5:15-ish.

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Hoggard: "No, they didn't vote to endorse the process, but the white folks held together in a vote to oppose the process.  The black folks knew it was coming and actually seemed to savor the racial division....Dumb, dumb, dumb.... on so many levels.  And the dumbness emanated from both races represented on the Council."

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Councilwoman Carmany on voting down the Truth & Rec endorsement: "Unfortunately the agreement was violated, and we now have to live with the consequences.

This did not have to happen! I know that NONE OF US ARE HAPPY ABOUT THE RESULTS -- EVERYBODY LOST ON THIS ONE."

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Glenn Reynolds on public wireless: "(I)t seems to me that there are huge advantages in seeing both the top-down telco approach and the bottom-up wi-fi approach continue."

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