Saturday, April 23, 2005

David Wharton reports on Cornel West at UNCG: A summary of what he said would not do justice to his virtuosic delivery. He is a preacher, really, not a lecturer, though a preacher as fluent in philosophy and literature as in scripture. His talk did not constitute an argument, but rather was a series of compelling rhetorical riffs on materialsm, conformism, plutocracy, the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, terrorism, and African-American music, woven in with his ideas on "Socratic energy," democracy, and cultural and spiritual death and rebirth.

Much more, including a bunch of quotes and -- it being Wharton -- a reference to Gorgias of Leontini at A Little Urbanity.

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Albom wrist slapped.

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A statement from the Truth & Reconciliation Commission following the City Council vote (via Allen Johnson): "The Council's 6-3 vote against endorsing the Commission's work of seeking the truth and working for reconciliation around the shootings of Nov. 3, 1979, will do nothing to stop it."

Read the whole thing.

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Wanna buy a park? Or at least a piece of one? Lots of nice naming opportunities at Greensboro's new Center City Park.    


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