Friday, April 08, 2005

Cunning Realist rails against the "intellectual dishonesty" of Wall Street pundits on TV: "For them, stocks are always 'poised for an imminent rally,' every weakness is a buying opportunity, and every January they confidently assert that the market will rally between 10% and 15% over the next year. One financial website I read calls them 'teletubbies.' They are human stopped clocks. They are often wrong, but never in doubt.

"And increasingly, they equate their bullishness with patriotism."

UPDATE: As if on cue....

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David Wharton compares Greensboro's new ballpark to one in Charleston, WVA: "Ours is better."

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N&R has good stuff on preservation of the old Wachovia building, and other fine structures around town.

Previously: Obit for the Burlington Industries building.

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Mitch Albom didn't make his problems go away with an apology. The editors are taking heat, too. Albom's mea culpa is weak -- he minimizes the offenses of the actual column, which is structured around the guys who weren't at the game, and implies that Albom's conversations with them took place at the arena. He did speak with Cleaves and Richardson by phone, but his narrative moves seamlessly from the (hypothetical) scene in the stands to their quotes and back to the stands.

But he's still doing better than Power Line.

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I felt like Pinto at the Professor's house reading Brian Greene's article on Einstein and quantum physics ("...reality consists of a haze of all possibilities - all trajectories - mutually commingling and simultaneously unfolding...") in this morning's Times.

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Nancy McLaughlin: "Do we really want to talk about race?"

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How deep is the doo-doo for DeLay? Glenn Reynolds is linking without prejudice to a scandal round-up.

The GOP's wartime coalition is coming apart. Reynolds, an influential pro-war blogger but no doctrinaire Republican, wrote previously: "(L)ibertarian-leaning Republicans and independents...have less reason to stick around given that their agendas aren't getting much attention. What's more, if libertarian-leaning conservatives line up against the Republican agenda, it's likely to worry swing voters far more than if criticisms come only from the usual suspects of the left."

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Lenslinger posts some great video of himself in an embarassing moment...and plans to include more vid blogging at his site. Tara Sue has been a pioneer in multi-media blogging...Greensboro is lucky to have such great local resources from which to learn this stuff.

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Rosemary Roberts is writing about the royal Brits again. At least she's semi-mocking them this time. My view: off with their heads. Or at least exile to Elba, accompanied by Michael Jackson.

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Jerry McClough writes about Cardinal Francis Arinze, the African prelate considered a possible successor to Pope John Paul II. Bonus factoid: the Cardinal once gave a commencement speech at Wake Forest, where his nephew, Niki Arinze, played basketball.

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The Charlotte Observer is using RSS to push a whole lot o' content over the web. (thanks to reader Brendan for the tip).

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Camille Paglia in Salon (free with ad-view): "If people want to be better writers, they can't just read the blogs! You've got to look at something that's outside this rushing world of evanescent words. Nowhere in blog pages does anyone pay attention to the individual word -- things are moving too fast."

Point one, that you have to read more than blogs to be a good writer: Duh.

Point two, that no blogs are written with attention to the craft of word-work: Bull.

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