Thursday, April 07, 2005

A friend is looking for a rental home in Fisher Park. Two adults, two dogs. Email me if you've got leads. Thnx.

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Chris Nolan has some smart things to say about Friedman's book.

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Sandy Carmany on the less-glamorous aspects of political life.

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Gate City on the lottery: "Gambling seems to me to be seen in society as one of those socially acceptable vices like drinking in moderation. Smoking used to be acceptable, too. But that in moderation, gamble in moderation, and make sure lottery money in NC is used as an addition to the budget, not as a regular budget item."

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Tom Friedman: "The dynamic element of globalization is neither countries nor companies, but the individual. The unique thing about this era is going to be the ability of the individual to globalize."

Friedman spoke about his new book on globalization, The World is Flat, with CIO Insight's Ellen Pearlman and Dan Briody. Americans aren't quite up to speed on the realities of outsourcing and free trade, he says. "You've got Lou Dobbs out there really making people stupid."

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Truth & Rec blog: "(W)e are currently seeking statements specifically from the Klan and Nazi perspective."

The most recent post, credited to "The GTRC," also addresses concerns about the Commission's impact on our rep: "Through this process of restorative justice, participants are creating a new image that paints Greensboro as the city leading this nation away from the cycle of anger, blame and violence that threatens to engulf the world."

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Six years ago, I wrote this in the N&R: "There is a sense of inevitability about the coming of a lottery to North Carolina, but just because something is inevitable doesn't make it right. No matter how flimsy I find most of the arguments against the lottery to be, and no matter how practical I find the arguments in its favor, I am somehow still uncomfortable with the concept of a state-sponsored gambling scheme."

Well, the inevitable has taken a while, but now seems to be upon us. I'm still ambivalent. But I have been working on my press conference speech -- the one I will give when I win the $100 million lump-sum payout -- for some time now, and I think I've got it down: "We're gonna spend some, we're gonna save some, and we're gonna give some away."

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Cunning Realist says Greenspan's denial of a housing bubble will serve as an "Epitaph For A Career."

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Mr. Sun: "One final word on the papal election: I don't care what your religion or politics are, I think the arrival of Swift Boat Veterans for Christ on the scene is a bad development."

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Being an ideologue means never having to say you're sorry: Powerline has real power these days -- Time's "blog of the year" was a major debunker of the Dan Rather memo --  so when it says a memo about the political angles of the Schiavo case is fake, people pay attention.

So what does Powerline do when it turns out the memo really was written by a GOP Senate staffer? Does it say, sorry to have stated falsehood as fact and unleashed a blogstorm of controversy? Why, no. It just keys on whatever inaccuracies it can find in the original coverage and ignores most of its earlier crapola.

UPDATE: These guys could learn something from Mitch Albom.

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Adam Penenberg on Blogger's service troubles: "In fact, enter 'Blogger sucks' in Google and you get 720,000 results...It's a utility. It had better keep the lights on. Or else."

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