Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sorry, Fox and CNN, now you may have to cover some actual news.

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Charlotte: weirder even than Greensboro.

Bonus points to JR for calling the Rhino Times "the chain weekly."

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Paul Goldberger no like Charles Gwathmey's new Astor Place tower: "If, as Vincent Scully proposed, architecture is a conversation between generations, this young intruder hasn't much to say to its neighbors. Its shape is fussy, and the glass façade is garishly reflective: Mies van der Rohe as filtered through Donald Trump. Instead of adding a lyrical counterpoint to Astor Place, the tower disrupts the neighborhood's rhythm." The apartments themselves sound nice, which apartments starting at $2 million really should.

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State representative Pricey Harrison has a bunch of new info on her blog. Greensboro's newest member of the state legislature has enlisted Jay Ovittore to maintain the site; she writes, he handles the actual posting.

Free advice: Put some more info at the top of the page as part of the title banner, eg, State Rep for Greensboro or somesuch.

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