Sunday, May 01, 2005

Chris Nolan: "Last time he was this unpopular, Arnold Schwarzenegger made 'Kindergarten Cop.'"

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Daphne Merkin makes some good points in her NYT mag article about the way we spoil our pets in the "Marie Antoinette spirit of consumerism" abroad in the land. (I thought she lost a little steam when it turned out she's not really a pet person to start with.)

Here's how I put it a couple of years ago, when Luna was just a whelp: "My wife, seeing me sprawled on the floor murmuring gibberish to the puppy...suggested that I think Luna is a person. Never would I make that mistake. I love her so much precisely because she is a dog: to anthropomorphize her would be to waste an opportunity. You get to know a lot of people in your life, but close relationships with another species are harder to come by."

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Ruby and Brian are tying the knot. "I think I can confidently say we are the first to use civic space to organize a wedding."

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On the subject of Truth, Reconciliation, and new journalism...a serious discussion at Allen Johnson's blog about Chuck Forrester's opinion piece and the merits of anonymous commentary. JR has some thoughts, too.

UPDATE: More from The Shu, Sue.

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This is a city writing its own history and practicing a new kind of journalism.

My newspaper column this morning is about the Truth & Reconciliation process and the ways the web lets our community participate in it. I think the conversation may be more important than the official report.

The result won't be a tidy history that satisfies a few partisans on one side or the other, but a messy, many-threaded view of something that may approach truth, and do so from enough angles to support, at last, reconciliation.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: In the comments and via email people are pointing out that the Perkins motion that passed was not just to not support the project, but to oppose it. I'm aware of that, however, I chose to use the vaguer language because the debate at that point was itself so vague -- just what aspect of the process (the Commission, the project, the whole everything...) was being opposed is not really clear. I don't mean to give the Council a pass, and that oppositional language deserves to noted.

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