Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Talented Tara Sue.

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Roger Ebert has a question about an anti-evolution "B.C." comic strip, Matt Mendelsohn has some followup.


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Stephen Metcalf in Slate: "Springsteen is no longer a musician. He's a belief system. And, like any belief system worth its salt, he brooks no in-between. You're either in or you're out. This has solidified Bruce's standing with his base, for whom he remains a god of total rock authenticity. But it's killed him with everyone else. To a legion of devout nonbelievers -- they're not saying Bruuuce, they're booing -- Bruce is more a phenomenon akin to Dianetics or Tinkerbell than 'the new Dylan,' as the Columbia Records promotions machine once hyped him."

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Blogs in the classroom at Duke.

UPDATE: More from Munger.

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Jon Lowder: Who cares if newspapers die?

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Problems with John Tierney's NYT column this morning, starting with the way he paints the aristo-Bushes as earnest yeopersons. Also, if there was a coded message in Laura Bush's humor, it was a stiff-arm to the prigs and zealots who think they now run the country, not those dreaded liberals. Tierney of Yale and the Times -- I wonder if he's ever watched an episode of Hee-Haw -- says the effete blue-staters just don't understand real Americans, but that's not the way it looks out here in real America.

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