Saturday, May 21, 2005

Luna with her full winter coat looks like this. It being summerish, she got a haircut. Unfortunately, the hair cutter cut her tail too and her tail got infected and now she has a big bandage on it and is wearing a clear plastic lampshade thing around her head to keep her from biting it. She is doped to the gills and looks like a space dog from the planet of bad haircuts.

Certain readers of this weblog have urged me to share Luna's plight with the world.

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As the N&R prepares to enable comments on articles, JR discusses some potential benefits and problems. Useful info about trolls and flamers in the comments to JR's own post from Anna in California.

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This sounds good: "Kurtis Davidson (aka Kurt Jose Ayau and David Rachels), authors of What the Shadow Told Me (winner of the 2003 Faulkner Society of New Orleans Award), will be reading at The Green Bean (341 S Elm St.) at 7 pm on May 25 (this Wednesday). Among other notable accomplishments, one of their excellent stories will be appearing in the second issue of the incredible Backwards City Review."

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Freakonomics' picks for the Preakness: "The fact that I'm willing to post my picks should send you a very strong signal that they have no value. So be smart and don't bet them!"

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Fighting FEC regulation of blogs is a bipartisan issue.

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Joseph Nocera in the NYT: "Google is a serious and creative software company that has the potential to roll out new Web-based applications that will allow consumers to do on the Web things they now do in Windows...Microsoft has Windows. That's the main thing that hasn't changed in the wake of the antitrust trial. That used to be enough. We're going to find out if it still is."

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Bush threatens veto of stem-cell bill. Instapundit: "All the other lousy bills they've passed, and this is the first one he'll veto?"

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