Friday, May 06, 2005

More on the no-Dems-in-church story from AshVegas. Georgia over at Kos is on it, too.

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Well, this is ironic -- here I am in Nashville, and it turns out I left my suitcase full of songs back in Greensboro. Also, the battered dobro that was the only thing my daddy left me. I did bring my burning desire to be a star, but that's not enough. At least there's free wireless at this Courtyard by Marriott.

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So I flew Southwest for the first time, that's what the conference folks asked me to do and 65 miles from my office to RDU makes it an easy option. But GSO is still my preference, and not just because its so much closer.

SW folks were cheerful and competent, and the cattle-car drill was fine for the short flight to Nashville, but I think I would want to guarantee a window or aisle for a longer trip (I got an aisle this time, anyway).

I guess I've benefited from SW's presence at RDU in that fares have been pretty low at GSO to keep it competitive, and I'd be glad to lure them to the Triad...which as I understand it will happen only if USAirways stays in business and thus continues to dominate Charlotte.

I remember when we had great cheap service on Piedmont and Eastern because of People's Express -- back when there was a Piedmont, an Eastern, and a People's Express.

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Patrick Eakes on a remarkable North Carolinian to whom he happens to be related: "Martin Eakes and his wife Bonnie Wright had a vision to narrow the gap between the haves and have-nots...Self-Help has provided almost $4 billion in financing primarily to people who would not interest a traditional lending institution." Martin Eakes is now fighting predatory lending. If I was predatory lending, I'd be scared.

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Science vs religion in Kansas. I've always thought it would be a terrible day for creationists if they actually made it into a serious science curriculum.

Kids would be told, religious belief aside, here's the scientific evidence for a young earth: none.

Then they would move onto intelligent design, and the teacher would say, well, since life is complex and we haven't figured it all out yet, some people think there must have been a designer. The scientific evidence for that: none.

Elapsed time: 12 seconds.

Then they go back to biology and other actual science stuff.

The same people who clamor to put creation and ID into the curriculum would clamor to get it back out if it was actually taught as science.

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Marcus Kindley shows why the Guilford GOP is floundering, and gets a comment-whipping from Michael for his trouble. Seriously, how can the party chairman in a county as important as this one be such a hack?

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Eric Muller: Yom Hashoah 2005

"The rest of the images are below the fold. Most of them are quite disturbing. They are not for the faint of heart. That's why you have to click to get to them.

"They have never been published; they appear here for the first time. Most are self-explanatory; those that are not are followed by a brief explanation.

"I publish them in the memory of my great uncle, who died like this, in the memory of the many millions of other victims of Nazi atrocities, and in honor of people like my reader's father, who liberated the camps, and who aided in the process of remembering in ways they could never have envisioned."

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Jarvis on Google: " I see no reason why I should be expected to trust these guys anymore."

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No Democrats in this church: TopDog links to a TV report from western NC: "Nine members of East Waynesville Baptist say their minister spear headed an effort to get them excommunicated...They say that the pastor, Chan Chandler, believes that if you supported John Kerry or the Democratic party, you were against the Church."

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