Monday, May 30, 2005

Michael's Corner: "I have been exchanging posts with a few individuals over on the N&R pages on a thread that started out as a discussion of NPR, but has turned into a debate over whether or not there is still institutional racism in Greensboro.

I guess I'm surprised that anyone would question that premise."

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Via Iraq-hawk Instapundit, a thoughtful article by Jon Henke about US prisoner abuse. 

"Torture and abuse is widespread, punishment is minimal, the government denies almost everything, right up to the point that they have to admit it, and dozens of people have been murdered.

And that's just the part that we've managed to find out...

...Widespread torture doesn't simply, oops, 'just happen'. In the isolated instances in which it does happen, it is the result of a very major breakdown in the command structure...

...Torture and abuse is not just a moral or legal failure. It is a strategic failure in the War on Terror."

Read the whole thing.

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Councilwoman Carmany: Greensboro incentives policy a "fiasco."

"Does the city really need to be paying incentives to attract this type of development and its lower salaries? The response our city attorney received from the Institute of Government when she consulted them about this proposal was, "Yes, it's legal, but why would you WANT to do it?" My sentiments exactly!"

She almost scooped N&R reporter Matt Williams on the incentive story, too: "He's just lucky I was too busy to get to it THIS TIME!"

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HoggFest was a big success, and on many levels. It raised a bunch of jack for a family hit hard by medical expenses. It gave something back to a family that gives endlessly of themselves. It brought together friends, neighbors, and strangers for a good cause and a good time. It was an excuse to drink during the day. It fed multitudes. It showed how the web is creating new communities in Greensboro and giving existing communities new tools to organize and communicate. It rocked, and it had the blues. It gave keyboard jockeys a chance to work and play together in the physical world. It, well, hell, Professor Wharton took a bunch of pictures and Hoggard has a round-up, so you can see and read for yourself what it was all about. I was grateful to be a small part of it.

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