Saturday, May 14, 2005

Bayosphere, an online community site "of, by and for the Bay Area," is launching soon, promises Dan Gillmor.

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Yes Weekly's Jordan Green: "The popular Craigslist conducting a blitzkrieg expansion, adding dozens of world population centers and mid-sized American cities, including Greensboro...The costing newspapers in the San Francisco Bay area millions of dollars a year in lost advertising revenue, and its appearance in Greensboro has grabbed the attention of the News & Record and other local publications that rely on advertising revenue."

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My dad loved Chryslers. He worked summers at Gate City Motor Company in Greensboro, where he may have been the only Mahler-whistling future physician on staff, and drove a 1956 Imperial with a push-button automatic well into the '70s, which I did not understand until I was an adult made him much cooler than the other doctors in their Mercedes and Porsches. Once he took us to see Richard Petty's Superbird in downtown Greensboro, and he was seriously bummed when Petty left Plymouths and Dodges behind for the evil empire of GM. But he did keep his autographed picture of the King.


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Mineshaft Magazine #15 is due out next month. Scary cavewomen by R. Crumb on the cover.


Mineshaft co-creator Everett Rand is a Greensboro native with whom I played Mr. Potato Head circa 1967.

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Socialist mystery solved!

Why can't commenters at this blog and others using Radio software use the word "socialist"? Try it, you'll get a "403 forbidden" message in response. Weird, right? Is there some political bias written into the code? Prolly not, since you can use other freighted terms, including communist, anarchist, fascist, corporatist, and podiatrist.

Now comes reader Anna to comment that "socialist" minus its first two letters and final "t" spells...Cialis. You can't spell "socialist" without Cialis. (Make your own joke here, based on political preference, about socialism's intellectual flaccidity or its moral uprightness.) 

So...Radio's spam filter doesn't want Cialis ads, and being software it's too stupid to figure out the difference. You can't use "specialist"  in the comments, either.

Or "Viagra."

"Levitra" and "Enzyte" still get through.

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