Monday, May 02, 2005

Fox 8 blogging report: well done.

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Hans Hofmann
untitled, 1949
Weatherspoon Museum, Greensboro

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I've actually attended a few megaceremonies of the sort facing The Runaway Bride. Maybe it's a coincidence, but two of the very largest weddings I've ever seen lasted almost as long as the marriages they began.

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John Hammer: "For the good of the county Guilford County Commissioner Trudy Wade should have thrown in the towel already...after months of challenges, an 89-vote lead is considerable." (Updated to add link)

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A stunning article about Greensboro's Campus Walk fire and its aftermath by Tamara Jones of the Washington Post.

Bob Harris listened. He consoled his daughter's killer. Janet asked for his forgiveness, and he granted it. Faith demanded that of him.

"What is forgiveness?" he wonders even now in an interview. "There's an understanding in my mind that she really didn't intend for anyone to be hurt or even be put out of their apartments."

Still, Harris felt Janet had a debt to pay.

Worth the free registration.

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Blogging is a tough subject for TV news to cover, given the constraints on depth and context imposed by the typical television format. So it's gratifying to know that tonight's Fox 8 segment on local blogging was shot and edited by a talented blogger, and I can say that Bob  Buckley seemed serious about understanding this phenomenon. The segment is scheduled to run on tonight's 10 o'clock show.

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Official Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission website. Chewie has some pointers, and says, "This is the day when Greensboro officially begins its grand experiment to see if Truth and/or Reconciliation are truly possible."

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NYT's Sarah Kershaw: "Dr. Hutcherson, 52, known as 'Hutch,' and by his self-chosen nickname, 'the black man,' claims to be the person who forced Microsoft, situated near his Antioch Bible Church offices, to withdraw its support of a gay rights bill before the State Legislature, one it had supported the two previous years."

Scoble, blogging from within Microsoft, is not happy with his employer's stance.

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Adam Curry signs with Sirius for a podcast program.

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The Revealer's Jeff Sharlet spoke about wars and rumors of war on On the Media: "Even the moderate evangelical press...has begun using the language of spiritual war...There is also language that is sort out ahead of James Dobson and Bill Frist...a lot of people on the religious right are talking about civil war, and they are talking about civil war not in a metaphorical but  in a literal sense. They hope it won't happen but they are afraid that it might. That has come through the growing metaphor of spiritual war."

UPDATE: Sharlet says in the comments below, "I based this not on one visit to a church but on ten years as a religion writer, the last three of them focussing on the intersections of evangelicalism and conservative politics -- through visiting many, many churches, corresponding with -- and publishing -- prominent evangelical conservative writers, and reading volumes and volumes of the evangelical conservative press, as well as less politically definable evangelical thought. As for my credibility: None of the evangelical groups I've written about have ever disputed any facts."

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While others debate anonymity, a commenter who signs "un-named to avoid talking to my nutjob neighbor" wants to talk about the Chuck Forrester column itself: "Is it just me or was there a big sucking sound where an indignant response to Chuck Forrester should have been heard? Is this not an incredibly racist and intolerant remark, especially from a former elected official?...Signing his name didn't make his comments any more valid."

The Forrester comments that raised particular ire: "As a former elected official myself, I have never heard any black elected official at any level in the state of North Carolina say a positive word about race relations here or anywhere. And why not? Because they don't want to lose the leverage of white guilt."

Maybe people are switching the conversation to anonymity because they can't deal with what Forrester actually said.

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Lisa Williams adds to the long thread about anonymous posting that follows Allen Johnson's remarks on Chuck Forrester's column:

"Anonymity has a valuable place in blogging. The penalties for truth-telling are radically unequal for the powerful and the less-powerful. I don't want an Internet where only people who have nothing to lose get to have their say.

"Anonymity isn't ideal. Anonymity is a kludge, an imperfect, haphazard workaround of a broken system in the real world that punishes the powerless more than the powerful."

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John Edwards is working to raise the minimum wage.

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Happy birthday to Dave Winer, who not only pioneered much of blogging's key technology but also helped define its ethos. Many more happy ones, Dave, and thanks for your gifts to the rest of us.

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