Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Roch Smith Jr: "No, Ms. Carmany, I don't believe that our water supply is being protected. I think there is undeniable evidence that its further degradation is being sanctioned by the State. But, it is Greensboro's water supply -- what are Greensboro's elected officials going to do about it?"

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A preview of the News & Record's new web home. They're asking for feedback and suggestions.

I'm not a designer, and I'm excited about the added functionality of the site, including more online content, links that don't rot, and comments for all stories. But I found the new look a bit overwhelming, I think a more minimalist layout is more useful -- that's just the way the world looks from my left brain. I hope the red banners are for beta release only. And the blogs seemed awful hard to find.

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What's the big fuss about funding for stem-cell research? Marcus Kindley, chairman of the Guilford County Republican Party, says the debate is "just another attempt of the media to dumb down American morals."

But...what about the scientists who want to use stem cells to advance medical knowledge? What about the vote in Congress to allow federal funding?

Never mind, says the chairman of the Guilford County Republican Party. "I have Friends who are Doctors and researchers who tell me that embryonic cells are not necessary for this type of research They tell me that Fat Cells and other cells will do the job just as well."

Marcus? Mr. Chairman of the Guilford County Republican Party? Can you get any of your Friends who are Doctors and researchers to go on record to explain how a fat cell and a stem cell serve the same purposes?

Because it really sounds like you've vaulted past the President's position on the moral uses of science into a realm of remarkable ignorance.

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"Being poor is expensive": John Edwards is guest-blogging at the new TPM Cafe.

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Jay Ovittore: "I have not tried to make money blogging, it just happened. I used my blog as a marketing tool to advertise my business. This is how you can make immediate money blogging."

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Terry Heaton says television must embrace personal media, and he's got some ideas on how that might happen.

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The hot center of Greensboro blogging just got hotter.

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"If you are going to do something so damn stupid as being a writer," said the dulcet-toned Ceasar Cone II to my 22-year-old self in 1984, "at least do something they'll always pay you for." He suggested covering business, and in large part because of his wisdom, business journalism has been my core product for the last 21 years.

But now, says David Carr in the NYT, paydays are harder to come by. "Business publications...were transformed into prom queens when the Web took off and gorged on the deal flow until they became as over-inflated as the sectors they covered. After the market bust, the herd was winnowed and publications returned to earth, but something funny happened when it came to touch bottom: there was none."

I spoke on this topic (including the quote from Ceasar) to the Greensboro Rotary a couple of years ago, in a speech called "I was a bubble asset, or, the rise and fall of biz journalism." Distressing that things aren't much better today.

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Councilman Phillips blogs his tour of the Piedmont Triad International (sic) Airport, complete with maps and photos.

Earlier, Councilwoman Carmany reported on her tour (comments on water-quality a must-read).

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$9,171.00. Nine thousand one hundred seventy one dollars. HoggFest got the skillz to pay tha billz. David and Jinni are pushing some of the money right back into the community.

Chewie lends some perspective: "Of all the great moments, great community vibes, great music and great food, perhaps the greatest single accomplishment of Hoggfest was one that won't be tangible for many years. It's the gift that we, a diverse, flawed, sometimes petty and selfish group of adults, gave a great group of kids."

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