Friday, May 20, 2005

Remember the old joke about a plate of ham and eggs? The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. Jeff Jarvis is committed to this blog thing. He's quit his job at to pursue a bunch of projects, "all related to changing news and to citizens' media." Congrats, Jeff, on having the courage of your convictions.

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Preston predicted that the WSJ editorial page would get around to spinning the paper's own front-page reporting about stalled class mobility in America. He was right. Now, who to believe, the reporters and researchers, or the guy who gets paid to have an agenda?

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This is the kind of thing that makes me think Dave Winer knows more about the economy than Stan Brown. In this morning's NYT, Krugman says: "In other words, we've developed an addiction to Chinese dollar purchases, and will suffer painful withdrawal symptoms when they come to an end...And as far as I can tell, nobody in a position of power is thinking about how we'll deal with the consequences if China actually gives in to U.S. demands, and lets the yuan rise."

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Jordan Green got Craig Newmark on the phone to talk about the future of journalism. The Yes Weekly reporter wrote a follow-up to last week's article about Craigslist coming to Greensboro.

Newmark: "The big issue has to do with trust. Big stories aren't being covered, or there's no follow-through. Newspapers haven't followed through with the White House trust scandals or the Tom Delay scandals. The only news show that follows through is 'The Daily Show,' the only news site that follows through is OhMyNews out of [South] Korea." Newmark said he's noticed Greensboro's "thriving blogging community," and that he's a fan of local scribe Scott Card.

Green linms the fragmentation of Greensboro's info-market. (Hoggard kindly inserted links): "In Greensboro it began 15 years ago with a pugnacious right-slanted weekly, The Rhinoceros Times, making a grab for a segment of the daily News & Record's readership, and in more recent years has picked up momentum with the development of a nationally noted blogging community, the launch of citizen journalism forum, the publication of alternative weekly YES! Weekly, and in April, the arrival of"

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Bill Gates says the info-flood is "overwhelming." Thanks for the breaking news, Bill. "Nobody's paid to do search or just find information." No, we call that blogging.

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