Friday, May 27, 2005

Don't forget: HoggFest is this Sunday, at and around the Flatiron in downtown Greensboro.

Band sked.

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Darkmoon: "Open your eyes, fair city of Greensboro. Embrace open-source...Instead of throwing money at problems and hoping that they go away, why not actually solve the problem itself with the help of the masses of nerds and geeks."

Why not? Well, earlier in the post you say, "No one in this city gives one damn about efficiency when it comes to money being used for Information Technology."

I'm guessing that's an overstatement, but I don't doubt that we spend more on IT than we have to, or at least more than we have to for what we are trying to do. Sue has some numbers that show us sending a lot of money to Redmond.

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Thigpen thanks Howard Coble for voting to fund stem-cell research. Coble was the only NC Republican to vote for the bill. Go Howard.

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The strategic retreat under scientific scrutiny of leading "intelligent design" theorists Behe and Dembski, described by H. Allen Orr in The New Yorker

But it's striking that Dembski's views on the history of life contradict Behe's...In the end, it's hard to view intelligent design as a coherent movement in any but a political sense.

It's also hard to view it as a real research program...

...Biologists aren't alarmed by intelligent design's arrival in Dover and elsewhere because they have all sworn allegiance to atheistic materialism; they're alarmed because intelligent design is junk science... As a succession of intelligent-design proponents appeared before the Kansas State Board of Education earlier this month, it was possible to wonder whether the movement's scientific coherence was beside the point. Intelligent design has come this far by faith.

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Rebecca MacKinnon on Kristof's China vs the Internet column: "In the very long run, yes. In the short run, the situation is much more complicated."

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